Growth Wheel is a platform and methodology designed to help entrepreneurs and small businesses with business development and decision-making. It provides a structured framework and toolkit to assist startups and small businesses in assessing their current situation, setting goals, and making informed decisions to drive growth.

This software offers over 200 various tools and resources to support entrepreneurs and business advisors. The visual tools help users analyze and make decisions in key areas of their business, such as customer relations, operations, organization and business concepts. These tools are designed to be easy to understand and use.

Growth Wheel also works in conjunction with a network of certified business advisors who are trained to use the platform. These advisors can guide entrepreneurs and business owners through the process of using Growth Wheel tools to develop their businesses.

The online platform offers an interface where users can access resources, connect with advisors, and track their progress.

Growth Wheel also offers Workshops and Training for both entrepreneurs and business advisors to help them effectively utilize the platform.

Recently, Growth Wheel has integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its platform to help users save time in making decisions and building their business plans.

Growth Wheel is a toolbox for decision-making in start-up and growing companies.  It helps entrepreneurs and advisors get focused, set agendas, make decisions and take action.

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